Playing Competitiveness Smart

So, when you compete your there for a few reasons sure. However we all know we like to place as high as possible. Here's some tips I've learnt along the way.


Within your class where do you stand ? if your like me I've always come in the lightest in my weight classes yet can keep up with the strongest. This gives me a huge benefit as if even I'm to match the weight of whoever above me, ill get the win. So its really important to know where you stand and where everyone else's attempts are, play it smart you may not even have to go all out you may just have to match them and win on points.


Eventually someone will give in and miss a lift. Exploit that. Whoever your competition is at the meet pay attention. Have they missed their 2nd attempt ? Do they keep getting red lighted ? This is very important as you may be able to take it easy and play safe. If however they are smashing it and the likelihood of you matching becomes zero, play to your own cards and make sure you get those three lifts in.


In full meets you have more breathing room, why ? Totals. If again your like me and have a good bench and mediocre squat and dead. you have to really pull your thumb out to place. But if you're not you can massively get ahead on deadlifts. Get your squats in solid three lifts to get your base. Most people ruin it on bench, mostly due to technical issues so get in those solidly. Then its deadlifts, see where you stand and hope some people have fell along the way. Now its really time to go for it. Deadlifts is the time when you can stretch that extra mile and take risks. Get the opener then see where your peers are and best of luck.


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