The Kit Check

In this blog we go into the kit required for your powerlifting meet. This blog is based on IPF standards.

Going forward you will need to look at what companies are allowed to be worn at powerlifting meets. Best look into the IPF list of approved products.


  1. approved IPF singlet
  2. approved t-shirt (no v-necks)
  3. appropriate underwear (yes seriously)
  4. deadlift socks (yes IPF approved)
  5. appropriate footwear: deadlift slippers or shoe of choice, it must have a sole and must not exceed a raised heel of around and inch. You can change shoes for whichever lift you need to
  6. IPF approved neoprene knee sleeves, no thicker than 7mm (optional)
  7. IPF approved belt, double prong is not allowed last i checked (optional)
  8. IPF approved wrist wraps (optional)

Depending on if its local or National, at local levels you can wear mostly unbranded kit and they will pass it. Remember its not the kit itself its all sponsors and so forth. So at national events you may be expected to wear branded kit.

Not Allowed

  1. wrist straps
  2. single ply or multi-ply equipment
  3. shoes with excessive raised heels
  4. liquid chalk
  5. more than one belt on your body at one time
  6. knee wraps
  7. elbow sleeves
  8. elbow wraps 

For the love of god pack your bags the night before. Every single time I've gone to weigh in there's handfuls of people who haven't got the right t shirt and have to do the survey of shame and ask everyone at the meet if someone has a spare shirt. Don't be that guy, come prepared.

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